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February 17, 2013

Nightstand musings….

After I finished The Shattered Door by Lisa Bouchard my eyes were tired and I decided I need a break from reading from my Kindle. So I decided to pick a book from my list that was printed, which would be Iced by Karen Moening. The book was actually a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s mother. I didn’t know Karen Moening or her popular series, but when I read that the main character was a strong female- I became really excited.

I love stories with strong female characters. Most of my favorite females come from police procedures such as Mallory from the Mallory series by Carol O’connell, James Paterson’s Women’s Murder Club, and J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas. What I love about these characters are their frailties. These women have been abused emotionally and physically. Despite their trauma they chose professions that make them re-live their abuse each day they go to work. Each novel demonstrates the power of women.

I’m looking forward to reading about Dani O’Malley and learning how she uses her weakness to make her stronger.