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September 2, 2013

Bloggers Like Me: Experience DMV


Saturday, August 31, 2013

@ The 201 Bar

Finding The 201 Bar was pretty easy. I had never been there but from what I could tell by the map, it was a straight shot from the Union Station metro. Of course, everything went fine at first, I got to the blue line station and only had to wait less than 6 minutes. I got to the red line transfer and only had to wait 4 minutes. For anyone familiar with the Washington Area Metro system on a Sunday, you know this is pretty amazing. Google maps and I have had several fights before so I was ready for it to be indecisive and slow and it was. But I prevailed with only a five minute rant at the lack of signage on Massachusetts Ave in front of Union Station and arrived on time!

When I arrived I was warmly greeted by our hostesses Karen and Whitney.  Three well dressed women were sitting at one table carrying on a lively conversation. I’ll admit in a black top and shorts I felt confident leaving the house, but upon seeing them I felt out of my fashion league. Thankfully, the ladies (Demetrice from Impr4less, Antionette from, and Jonna from Naturally Glam) were nice and made it easy to relax. There were 17 female bloggers from as far away as Delaware and North Carolina. Blogger topics covered everything from fitness, hair, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and aromatherapy.  These ladies were dressed to impress and I was impressed.

Blogger Like Me: Experience DMV image courtesy of BLM

Blogger Like Me: Experience DMV image courtesy of BLM

The objective of the Bloggers Like Me: Experience workshop was to give bloggers the opportunity to come together to network and build our brand.  And that is exactly what we did, even though the workshop only lasted a couple of hours it was completely worth it. The main presentation was given by Arsha of She is a dynamic and informed speaker, which I would highly recommend for anyone in the blogosphere.

There were four main take-a-ways for me.

1. If you’re not building your brand someone else is. Arsha shared five steps for building your personal brand that used popular product and personality brands to demonstrate the different types.

2. Branding is connected to how people feel about you when they think of you. So the questions becomes how do I want people to feel about me when they think of A.E. Hellar?

3. It’s important to have relevant and distinctive content. Don’t just fill your blog with posts to have stuff there. There is nothing worse than wasting your reader’s time with irrelevant information. Their time is important so respect it.

4. As a blogger it’s important to not just build you network with bloggers but also the business community. Businesses grow not just by connecting with other businesses, but consumers who are willing to pay for their services.

I have no doubt that by connecting with BLM, I now have the resources I need to take my blog and career to the next level.

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August 29, 2013

Bloggers Like Me: Experience DMV August 31st

In just two days, I’ll be on my way to my first blogger event, Bloggers Like Me Girls Experience in the DMV. The event will take place on Saturday, August 31st at The 201 Bar near Union Station. If you are a female blogger looking to connect, there is still time to buy your ticket through Eventbrite. Stop reading and buy your ticket. There will also be simultaneous events in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

I had never heard of Bloggers Like Me but the event details piqued my interest not only in the event but the community. I believe strongly in the power of women coming to together and I was really excited about a connecting with other women in this field. I’ll admit with my focus on science and writing I was skeptical that I would meet others with the same interest, but in the end I had to consider my goal to be a paid blogger. So I got me a ticket to the BLM and I’m on my way.

I have other interests beside science and writing that I would be interested in blogging about and I’m always up for learning something new.  I considered starting a hair blog to talk about my journey with natural hair, but while I find areas interesting I don’t find them interesting enough for a blog. There maybe a blog in the future about cooking and baking staring me and my boyfriend. He’s the cook and I’m the baker and for both of us it’s a joy and journey of experimentation with ingredients, flavors, and skill.  Several years ago I tried a travel blog. I figured with my love of travel and experience it would be easy but again I didn’t have enough to say for a whole blog. In the end, I ended up here and I couldn’t be happier right where I belong.

BLM is a member organization. The application process isn’t difficult. Visit the Facebook group and request to join. Answer the survey questions they send. Then post the badge on your blog. It’s simple. One step down.  Two steps to go.  I’ll keep you posted for when I’m official.