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April 4, 2013

Musing on Women in Genre month

I’m a feminist and it’s not just because I’m a woman.  I’m a feminist because I appreciate women and think that we don’t get half as much credit as we should.  We contribute to our families with just as much heart and know-how as any man, but the contributions of women seem to always be undervalued. When I found out it was #womeninGenre month, I was thrilled.

My blog is mostly about women writers in science fiction and fantasy because I am a woman writer in science fiction and fantasy. I am constantly searching out other women to review and learn from. There are a lot of notable women in the fantasy genre, but there are not as many notable women in science fiction. I do not for one moment believe that there are no women writing science fiction, nope. What I do believe is that they are uncelebrated and therefore not well-known. So I celebrate #womeninGenre as an opportunity to celebrate those women that have braved a frontier often dominated by men.

In the essence of #womeningenre I am providing you links to places where you can go and bask in the glory of women in science fiction and fantasy. I found an interesting page on Geek Feminism Wiki that talks a little about the issues that women face in science fiction, but also has a link to women in science fiction.

And of course, there is The Alternative Typewriter blog by Haralambi Markov, who inspired this post with his 30 day salute to #womeningenre science fiction and fantasy. Today is the 4th day, and already he has covered J. K. Rowling, Ursula K. LeGuin, Astrid Lindgren, and Rachel Vincent.  I hope you’ll check him out, if for no other reason than to show your support for women in science fiction and fantasy.