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March 30, 2013

Musing on Doctor Who

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The TARDIS from Doctor Who

I don’t know about you but I’m excited. Today, Saturday March 30th , starts part two of Season 7 of Doctor Who and with so many changes on the horizon I can barely manage to contain myself. Last week in preparation, I watched the first half of the season again. In true Doctor Who fashion I felt all the same thrills, chills, laughter, and sadness. The Doctor Who team does an amazing job of crafting seasons that can continue to reveal themselves. I am constantly drawn in by the thoughtful developments of characters, settings, and plot. The mere fact that Doctor Who has been around since 1963 attests to its quality and Davies and Moffat have done a superb job of reinvigorating the series.

Two things that I look forward to with each new companion are the new adventures and the new subplot. During the early years of Doctor Who a season was an episode broken up into 4 or 6 parts depending, so the large story was the main action. The 2005 relaunch differed from previous seasons in that the show expanded to 40 minute episodes as part of a 12 episode season. These longer episodes have given us bigger stories, more developed characters, and complex plots than there ever was before.

The 2005 season with The Doctor and Rose Tyler featured a subplot around the Bad Wolf. This was the first and most obvious subplot. I, however, was aware at the time of a larger story playing out during each episode and paid no attention to the repeated phrase. Of course later once it was pointed out, I was ashamed that I hadn’t been paying attention. Everything else Doctor Who related was new to me.

The next season started with a new Doctor and the subplot foreshadowed Rose’s death. With a new Doctor I was able to learn more about what it really means to be a Timelords. This season the Doctor traveled to other planets and interacted with new aliens. This time I did notice the subtle clues but my mind refused to accept the idea of Rose leaving. I’m loyal.

Season three with Martha Jones went deeper into the history of the Timelords, the Doctors past, and new aliens and planets. The intricate way that the Master was weaved into each episode really created momentum for the seasons climax. The season the Doctor went to the far reaches and introduced some interesting new characters.

Season four was the most heart wrenching season thus far with the death of the Doctor. It is obvious at the end of season four that there is something huge coming. By this point I was familiar with the doctor and his ways so I accepted this news with a stiff upper lip. His departure was the driving force behind the whole season and the several movies. David Tennants performance of the Doctor was passionately executed. This season saw more new planets and aliens, and time periods explored.

Season Five saw two new things a new Doctor and a new companion. This season I felt I had learned a lot from watching the previous seasons and I knew what to look for. The subplot this year involved both the Doctor and the companion in equal parts, he being the cause for the crack in time and she being the only person on earth directly affected by the crack. The subplot developed little by little until it was the main plot in the last episodes of the season. I liked this story, while it was dark it was also light because we all know that the Doctor and his companion will be fine.

Season six and seven part 1 added a new companion, so that now the Doctor had two full-time companions. In previous episodes of the series relaunch since 2005, he would have a third person but never for very long. Season six answers all the bigger questions that were raised over season five, including the spoiler “Who is River Song?”.

I’m very eager to see which way this season will bring.