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March 3, 2013

Musing on Doctor Who Season 1

pete and roseLast week I told you about my first love Dr. Who. Well today I want to tell you about my favorite episode from Season One. Each episode has a special place for me because they develop the relationship between Rose and the Doctor, introduce the Doctor and Timelords, and are well written and developed stories. The latter being the most important to me with the former adding to the richness. So when it comes to determining my favorite episode all three of those elements are heavily weighed. While I find it hard to only watch one episode at a time the episode that I like best is Father’s Day.

In this episode the relationship between Rose and the Doctor is tested. The Doctor agrees to let Rose see how her father died, because he died when Rose was still a baby. The Doctor is hesitant to let her go but his growing feeling for her clouds his judgment. When he tells her, she can’t change things because there are consequences; you know that she will. Wouldn’t you? Immediately there are consequences: the Tardis becomes just a phone booth, phones stop working, and Reapers begin removing people from this reality. The Doctor is upset with Rose for not listening and she is upset with him for not understanding. As the situation intensifies the Doctor doesn’t lose faith that Rose will do the right thing. In the end she makes the right decision with guidance from her father and the Doctor is there to console her.

This season begins after an almost twenty year hiatus, so there is a lot of catch up for new viewers. I liked learning about the function of the Timelords. In this episode we learn that the Timelords made sure that people didn’t alter time lines. And in their absence the Reapers have taken over the job. We don’t learn exactly how they did this, but we can imagine it involved less screaming and trauma. reaper

I loved this story because it was so close to the heart of Rose. We learn in the first episode that Rose was fatherless has a child. In this episode, Rose shares the story that her mother has told her all her life. So when she decides to save her father, it’s also for her mother. Rose wants to take away the pain her mother has had all these years. It’s a beautiful episode watching Rose save her father, getting to know him, and then letting him go for the world.

I highly recommend this episode it’s on Netflix and Amazon Prime for free.