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February 19, 2013

Trickster’s Choice Pt 1

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I started a new audiobook today at work. I’m taking a break from Dune by Frank Herbert. I really enjoyed the first two CDs but I think I might benefit more from reading it. I haven’t made a firm decision. I know there are metaphors, symbolizes, and plot developments that I might miss from working. So I’m taking a break.

When I checked out Dune I also checked out Trickster’s Choice (Daughter of the Lioness Book 1) by Tamora Pierce. I became aware of Ms. Pierce last year when I read “Firebirds Rising: An Original Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy” published in 2006 by Firebird. Her style of writing and heroines won me over. I’ve been a fan since but this is the first book of hers that I will have read.

Trickster’s Choice was published in 2004 by Random House Books for Young Readers. This is the continuation of a previous series that returns fans to Tortall where there is a prophecy, secret agents, and magic. What more could a girl want?

So far I’ve finished the first CD which takes you through about 2 chapters. At first I wasn’t impressed with the main character, Alianne (Aly), or maybe it was how the story was being read. (This is always a danger with audiobooks, you have to remember to separate the way the reader says things unless of course you enjoy it.) Aly is 16 years old from a wealthy and powerful family that is heavily involved in the warrior lifestyle. She’s been helping her father to decode messages from his spies and this has encouraged her to want to get involved. She asks her father and he refuses. Then she asks her mother to change her fathers’ mind only to learn that her mother is more against it. Realizing that her father will be upset at her for trying to use her mother to change his mind, she decides to take her little boat out for a vacation. Unfortunately, she ends up turning the corner at the wrong time and is caught by pirates and sold into slavery. Aware that the wrong people will try to use her return to safety to manipulate her father in his duty, she decides to get herself home. Thankfully she paid attention to the lessons that her family taught her. With quick wit and strength of will she manipulates the slave buyers until she ends up in the kind home of Duke Balitang. When I left off, she had just met the dashing spy and was attempting to use her feminine whiles.

Immediately, once she was kidnapped the story picked up for me. Her ability to handle being kidnapped was great. My favorite part was when she was on the ship about to be sold and she devised a plan to make herself unsalable by starving, getting bruised and bloody. I was thoroughly impressed with her character. Can wait to keep reading!