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September 2, 2013


Things are heating up in Dragonflight.

Dragonflight is the first in the Pern series by American-Irish science fiction writer Anne McCaffrey originally published in 1978.  From the very first page, you know that you are about to be witness to something amazing. The first paragraph sets a mood that carries over for the whole story. “Lessa woke, cold. Cold with more than the chill for the everlastingly clammy stone walls. Cold with the prescience of a danger stronger than the one ten full Turns ago…”  dragonflight1

There is no preamble of what life was like before, McCaffrey thrusts the reader head first into the unknown with no forgiveness. Okay there is some warning for those willing to do a bit of mental guessing. The introduction serves as a quick summary of the world’s history in broad strokes and the brief poems that begin each chapter reinforce the mood.

I’m about 70 percent through the book and I’m having a really hard time putting it down.  Lessa has demonstrated her ability to be a worthy adversary for every male character. I’m absolutely loving it. She’s not taking any crap from F’lar, R’gul or Fax. At every turn she proves that she is steps ahead of the men.  As the slave to Fax, Lessa contrived to keep herself undesirable by even the lowest standards. As the Weyrwoman, she uses her intelligence to manipulate the men to her end.

The dragons are pretty cool and provide a necessary levity.

I’m at the point in the story where the first Threads have started to fall and everyone is just trying to take it in. There has been a couple of “battles” where the Dragonmen have gone out to fight the Threads and men and dragons have been injured. Lessa and F’lar have paired up as a result of their dragons pairing up (which can I say is a bit weird.)  They are not a true couple in that they are romantically involved; F’lar has demonstrated more interest in Lessa, which I like because it’s often the woman who is pining after the man and trying to win him over.

The Dragonmen will persevere and save the world but because this is a series I’m not sure who will die. There must be a sacrifice for the story. So maybe F’nor will die, the brother to F’lar, but I think that would be too soon.  I’m really not sure who will die, but I’m sure someone will.