The Shattered Door: Morrison Investigations (Volume 1)

The Shattered Door: Morrison Investigations (Volume 1)

Lisa Bouchard


Bouchard & Shalek, LLC

Pages: 306

Formats: Paperback, Kindle

I was intrigued with the premise of The Shattered Door; what would you do if you had a super power you couldn’t use? I don’t know what I would do. A super power that is genetically a part of me is different from a super power from an object, but if using t

he super power would mean an uncertain fate or being separated from my loved ones the answer is easy; I wouldn’t use it and I would make sure no one knew. Bouchard did a great job in posing a question and then painting a situation where this idea could be played out.

Initially, I found the pace moved well. It did not drag or over explain the pace pulled me along.  But about midway the plot faltered when an additional story line was added – the missing Panzerelli dog.  The additional characters and plot pulled my attention away from the main plot. I found myself wondering when I would get back to the murder.  It was unpleasant and took away from me getting to know the characters relevant to the murder. I wish that Ms. Bouchard had been able to find another way to convey t

he necessary information.

On the other hand, Bouchard does an amazing job of creating a time period where telepaths are a new segment of the population. The setting is pretty similar to present day except the science behind telepathy has grown. The story uses American racism similar to that of the civil rights era to build a world trying to make sense of telepaths. Each page uses little details to build the world: discussions on the rights of telepaths, telepath characters, and personal stories about being a telepath from various characters. Of all the elements of this story, this world was my favorite it easily allowed me to imagine myself in this place.

Despite there being several characters to this story the only character that develops is Olivia. It’s not immediately evident that she is the main character; in fact it wasn’t until the end. She starts as the quiet but strong sister with a gift for people. She unlike her twin, Darcy, is rigorous in practicing exercises to manage the telepathy. When they are hired to investigate the Wynton case this creates inner and outer conflict for Olivia. She finds herself questioning her beliefs on how telepaths should be allowed to live and her place in that movement.  At the end of the story, she makes a decision but I can’t say the story forced her to.

Overall, I say read this story for the setting and consider for yourself what you would do.


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