It’s a book giveaway!

And its my first book giveaway thanks to Dormaine G!

Last week Dormaine G told us about how she came to publish her book Connor and this week I’m sharing with you her holiday book giveaway for Connor. She is giving away five paperback copies and you could win a copy for yourself or feel the Christmas cheer and share it with a loved one.  To sign-up for the book giveaway just follow the link at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Cover for "Connor"


We heard Scott’s name announced by a man holding a microphone, so we made our way back to the commotion. The mention of his name made the crowd grow louder and become more hostile, if possible. Two guys were getting mobbed with bets; they could barely keep up.
Wanting to see him in action, we walked closer to the cage. If he was scared, he didn’t show it. He walked in, standing still unlike his opponent, who kept hopping
around, boxing and kicking the air.

The opponent was almost twice Scott’s size, so I don’t know how they matched the fighters. That and the fact he was a teen, even though he appeared older, and everyone else were adults. Then again, this is not legal fighting. Scott was maybe five ten with lean muscle, while this guy was at least six feet and stacked with muscles.

There was a referee in the middle, brave man, making them keep their distance until the bell rang. Once the referee stepped out the gate, it locked; a bell went off,
commencing the fight. I didn’t want to admit it, but something inside me secretly rooted for Scott. What’s wrong with me?

They walked around and around the cage until the opponent went for Scott, and that’s when things got ugly. Scott dodged his advance and punched him right in the nose, causing blood to spew into the air and onto the floor. The man went down. Scott waited patiently off to the side as he recovered.

Scott’s opponent got back up, shaking it off, danced around a bit, then swung at Scott, who grabbed his arm and punched him in the gut, causing the guy to crumble
to his knees to catch his breath. Once again, Scott politely stood to the side while his opponent recovered. I don’t think Scott broke a sweat yet.

The crowd was getting insanely rowdy that the bouncers—I had not even noticed before now—were trying to contain them.

His opponent managed to get back up, holding on to the cage for support. This time Scott charged first, causing his opponent to backpedal, then the opponent charged, and Scott backpedaled. It went on like that for a while until Scott kicked his opponent in the face, knocking him cross-eyed. The guy hit the ground, and Scott was on top of him, pounding his face in until all you saw was blood.

The poor man didn’t even stand a chance. I swore Scott was enjoying this way too much. A bell rang, and two referees came running in to pull Scott off the guy as he lay there limp. Both refs grabbed Scott and yanked him off the bloody guy, but not before Scott kicked his opponent in the face and spat on him.

The crowd was booing and cheering at the same time. It was a madhouse in here. Two more referees came in to carry the guy who was barely breathing out. His face was unrecognizable. Tony was right—he did go easy on me.

After the referees carried Scott’s opponent completely out, they announced him the winner, but instead of him taking it all in, he immediately left the gate, collected his winnings, and headed toward the exit. We ran after him, but after fighting through the crowd, we lost him outside. He was nowhere we could see.

We decided to search for him by car in case he cut through a path somewhere by foot. While cutting across the lot, two black SUVs with tinted windows blocked us, driving around and around in a circle until we stopped moving. We huddled together.

The vehicles stopped, but only one driver, a male, got out. “You may reveal yourselves now,” and said each of our names. He was a tall muscular man with a bald head, not from old age, but done purposely. He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t place from where.

“Excuse me, my name is Shak, and I assure you that you will not be harmed unless absolutely necessary.” We did as ordered.

“Shak, as in one of the names on the folders, Shak. What do you want?” Tony asked.

“Better question, how could you see us? Who are you?” Cheyenne asked.

Ignoring both questions, Shak told us to get in either vehicle.

“No way, buddy, not on your life,” I said. “I’m not hopping into a car with a stranger.”

Tony grabbed my arm and said, “We know you. You’re….

Contest ends Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Enter now to win your free copy!



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  1. Thank you A. E. Hellar for giving me a moment in the spotlight. Your are awesome.

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