Meet Dormaine G author of “Connor”

Today I want to introduce Dormaine G a contemporary fantasy writer who has recently published her first book. Dormaine didn’t come to writing in the traditional way, nor did she choose to take a traditional way to publish her first book. It’s an impressive story that I’m exited to share with you.

A.H.: Tell me about yourself.Dormaine G.

D.G.: I was born in New York and lived there until I was eight then we moved to Mississippi.  Ten years later, I went to college at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana for about two years then moved to Massachusetts for a new life experience.  Eventually, I moved back to New York where I became a registered nurse and studied forensic nursing.  After working some years in New York as a nurse, I started doing travel nursing and loved it.  I decided to stop traveling while in Colorado to stay close to family and shortly after, I met my wonderful husband and have been here ever since. Even as a child, I have always had a love for science fiction and enjoyed it through books, movies and comics.  I have dabbled in writing throughout the years, and decided it was time to let my true self free.  I took some time off from work to pursue a career in writing and recently published my first book Connor which will be a series. My goal is to be finished with the second book by the middle of 2014.

A.H.: What author has influenced your current style of writing?

D.G.: I have two that have influenced me, the late L. A. Banks and Kelley Armstrong. As a child, I have always loved science fiction but never really saw any characters, superheroes or actors that looked like me and that was somewhat upsetting. Even now, it has not really changed and I know there are more people out there, like me, who love science fiction.  Banks opened up my eyes to the fact that I am right, people of color can be special too and we can write about them. Armstrong’s style and comedy flare is so like me it is amazing and her sarcasm and making light of a serious situation hits home for me.

A.H.: What’s your take on being a women and minority in science fiction? What challenges have you faced? And how did you deal with them?

D.G.: That’s a hard question but I realized that only people of color, ranging from Filipino, Black and Hispanic, have reviewed my book. I know because I made connections with these people on author sites. Whenever I have submitted my book for review to a site, of nonspecific color, it never gets chosen. Yes, my book has only been out for seven weeks but still that is a bit noticeable. So far, I have had some wonderful reviews which make me feel better about myself. You can get very discouraged in this industry but I look to the reviews that I have received for support, believe in work, and stay determined to never give up.

A.H.: Where and when do you like to write?

D.G.: I write at my kitchen table by the television where I have a fiction movie or TV show on in the background, volume on low.

A.H.: Before you published your novel, did you publish any short fiction? If so where?

D.G.: I did not. I have had people read my stories before but never submitted anything for publication. I have been told in the past that I should submit but never did.

A.H.: Tell me about your current book, Connor?

D.G.: The book is about a fifteen year old girl named Connor who discovers she has abilities. There are five other teenagers like her and they are faced with danger and are forced to grow up fast in order to protect themselves from beings that want to harm them.  Unfortunately, everything does not work out with a happy picture book ending especially when everyone doesn’t want to face the truth. Lastly, we start to see the beginning of a possible dysfunctional love triangle.

A.H.: I know personally, that sometimes my original idea isn’t necessarily what the story turns out to be in the end. Did that happen for you with this book?

D.G.: I didn’t really have a plan other than I knew it was going to be a fictitious story about a female having certain abilities. I wrote what felt right and what made the most sense to me.  I never had a beginning or end planned. I just wanted certain aspects in the story and made them work to my satisfaction.

A.H.: Of all the characters in this book who is your favorite and why?

D.G.: Connor, of course, because she is sarcastic, already had a super power called denial and she is a Science Fiction geek like me.  She is not me or what I want to be but just a small fragment of my personality.

A.H.: Let’s talk about creating worlds because as fantasy writer that can make or break a story.  What’s your process for creating worlds? Do you have a book where you write it down or on a poster board?

D.G.: This book is not so much about another world, only characters from it, but the next one will be. It will take place in a fictitious world that I think about almost every day. I see the world in my mind, some of the characters there and what it feels and smells like. That is how I always wrote even when I was young and probably will continue to do so for the most part. With that being said, I have never created an altered universe before either. I have a feeling I will most definitely need to plot things out in a file for the next book.

A.H.: Who’s the publisher?

D.G.: I went through Xlibris self publishing company.

A.H.: Why did you choose to go with self-publishing?

D.G.: I chose to go with self publishing because, as a black female author writing about diverse characters, I knew it would not be readily accepted so instead of seeking approval I took a chance on myself.

A.H.: Where can people buy your book?

D.G.: I am on print with Xlibris publishing company, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Nook, Alibris, Powells, and Better World Books. You can walk into most book stores and order my book. My ebook is with Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and Xlibris.

A.H.: Just for fun if you lived in a dystopian world, what would you hoard?

D.G.: Besides making sure my family including my dog is with me, I would take clothes, water, canned food, a lot of chocolate and three of my favorite books, ‘Connor’, ‘Bitten’ by Kelley Armstrong and ‘Kindred’ by Octavia Butler.

A.H.: Where can people learn more about you and your work?

Smashwords:  (Dormaine G)

Twitter:  (Dormaine G)


A YoungCover for "Connor" Adult Urban Fantasy story filled with lies, secrets, and betrayal. Don’t expect this to be your typical picture-book ending.

Connor Esquibel recently discovers she has the gift of invisibility among other gifts. She doesn’t realize how her life is about to change for the worse. She is 15, sarcastically funny, at least she thinks so, and doesn’t always like to face reality. She meets five other teenagers who have abilities similar to hers and they try to figure out how or why this is happening to them but not everyone is so excited about finding out the truth.

Connor, sensing their lives are in danger, is determined to figure out the truth by any means necessary. She is forced to grow up fast after she is slapped with the cold, hard, fact that the people around her are not who she thought they were and all human beings are not what they appear to be.

Through all of this, Connor and Tony, one other with abilities, start to develop feelings for each other causing jealousy in more ways than one. That is where Ronin comes in, he is beautiful, smart, and ruthless. He too has eyes for Connor but not in the way one may think.


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  1. Good interview! Looking forward to reading “Connor”. 🙂



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