It’s been over two weeks since the Baltimore Comic Convention. I’ve been busy with getting new ideas ready for the blog and work. But I really wanted to share my experience for anyone who’s thought about going. The Baltimore ComicCon is the perfect place to go for your first convention because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff and attendees.

This year’s convention took place on Saturday, September 7th and Sunday, September 8th at the Baltimore Convention Center. The Baltimore ComicCon is a comic book oriented annual fan convention that started in 2000. On the ground floor comic book creators, publishers, charitable organizations and vendor booths filled tables and booths as far as the eye could see.  People milled about investigating merchandise for sale.  Others hunched over boxes of comics for sale. Some held strange positions while complete strangers took their pictures.

On the second floor panel discussions featured industry names such as Perez and CBLDF presenting information on current and upcoming industry events. Panels covered a range of topics relevant to the comic book community such as the history of banned comic books, particular comic book series, self-publishing, authors and characters. There were two series panels that covered the history of banned comics and what that has meant for the industry and how to use comic books in the classroom. Also, Jay and Silent Bob held a special presentation preview of their new movie “Bob’s Super Groovy” on Saturday.

I purchased several comics with the help of a patient boyfriend, friendly vendor staff, and a fellow attendee. I’m very eager to read and report on them.

  • Wonder Woman “Face-off at 30,000 Feet!,” Potter, Perez and Patterson,  March 1987, Issue 2
  • Miss Fury, Williams, Herbert and Nunes, Issues 1
  • Batgirl “In the Information Rage,” Horrocks, Leonardi and Delperdong, September 2004, Issue 54
  • Madame Xanadu, Wagner, Hadley and Friend, November 2008, Issue 4
  • Wonder Woman “Amazing” Attack! Tie-In,” Picoult, Dodson and Dodson, July 2007, Issue 9
  • Love and Capes “Do you want to know a secret?” Thomas F Zahler, Issue 1

As you can see there is a trend to what I picked. Love and Capes I picked up because it looked different. Zahler, the author, was there and pointed out a very funny section (spoiler) that cinched the purchase for me.

The only thing that I wasn’t happy about was the Doctor Who store. I was so looking forward to buying some Doctor Who gear.  I marked it on the map early in the day, so I wouldn’t forget or miss it. But that’s exactly what happened. It was just two tables put together and at first I didn’t even realize it was there.  Of course it was surrounded by a mass of people but still I was hoping for something more. I didn’t buy anything there really wasn’t anything that stuck out.

You can check out my photos on my twitter page.

Next year’s convention will be over three days Friday to Sunday, September 5 to 7.


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