Racism in contemporary SF culture

Yesterday had two surprises for me about race one I heard over the radio and the other that came to me via Twitter.

I recently began following N. K. Jeminisin, an African-American female science fiction writer, because is what my blog is about promoting and talking about women in science fiction.  As I was scrolling through my twitter feed yesterday I came across a tweet from her that peaked my interest about two members of SFWA being expelled. My interest was further peaked when I saw that it was Retweeted and liked by several people. I couldn’t image why people would like to hear that someone was expelled. I kind of wish I was less curious in hindsight because what I learned disheartened me for the rest of the day.

I won’t paraphrase what I read because I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Honestly, I’m still reeling a bit. It’s a hot topic and a very personal one. But I am providing the link to the TD’s blog post “A black female fantasist calls for reconciliation” .

I’ll admit the comments on TD’s blog made me a bit shy about SF writers, more about not wanting to accidentally follow or promote a racist sf writer or blogger. Last night I decided to continue searching for more bloggers to follow and possibly connect with. It’s difficult to find bloggers that deal with sf written by women, don’t get me wrong they are there but women do not produce a lot, so its hard to find reviewers. I came across the blog ‘I like a little science in my fiction’ and in particular this piece which brightened my night.  Gender’s Giving Sci-Fi and Fantasy the COOTIES!.


10 Comments to “Racism in contemporary SF culture”

  1. Tangentially, I wonder if you caught the post on Tor Books’ blog about sexism in genre publishing? http://torbooks.co.uk/2013/07/10/sexism-in-genre-publishing-a-publishers-perspective/

    I thought of it in response to your comment that “It’s difficult to find bloggers that deal with sf written by women … women do not produce a lot”.

    The post on Tor provides some background to the lack of female authors:
    “The sad fact is, we can’t publish what we’re not submitted. Tor UK has an open submission policy – as a matter of curiosity we went through it recently to see what the ratio of male to female writers was and what areas they were writing in. The percentages supplied are from the five hundred submissions that we’ve been submitted since the end of January. It makes for some interesting reading. The facts are, out of 503 submissions – only 32% have been from female writers.”

    It’s a great article – with some great comments too.

  2. I read the two tweets on the Locus Online link. Sorry, I don’t see anything racist about them. Name-calling, yes. Hypersensitivity to these issues & throwing the race card around indiscriminately, has invalidated that card from last year onward. So disappointed, I have been following you by rss & reading your posts periodically. Very disappointed in your race centric bias. It colors your view of reality. Wake up. If anyone is racist, it is indeed you. Get a dictionary, lady.

  3. Do you follow SF Mistressworks? It’s a review collating website for reviews of SF by female authors written pre-2000… It’s put out by the award winning British SF author Ian Sales in response to both the SF Masterwork series which publishes few female authors and a list put out by The Guardian which included almost no female authors…

    HIGHLY recommended…


  4. I went ahead and read Beale’s blog post after finding a link to it in the LO article. Dear Lord. His take on the US self-defence laws is just…I don’t even know where to begin.

    I am very, very glad that SFWA decided to expel him. If he never sells another book in his life, it is still too many.

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