Musing on changes to my blog

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post about what I was thinking about. Don’t think for one moment that I haven’t been thinking about things…in fact I’ve been thinking and worrying about a lot of different things.

My blog was on the forefront of my mind as it entered its six month in July.  Overall I’m happy with the direction of my blog and they way things have progressed, though I know that if I were more diligent I could definitely have more followers and more posts.  I had a vision for my blog as a place for book reviews and author’s interviews; I would build my platform as a reviewer and an interviewer. Over time though I realized I leant toward reading books by women and learning about real women in science. I’ve always been big on women’s rights and equality, so this didn’t surprise me.  But this also meant I had to reconsider the direction of my blog, what was my end goal? My blog was no longer about me as a book reviewer and interviewer but more about getting the word out on women who write science fiction and fantasy and the real life women trail blazers of science.  I have to admit once I decided to put my focus behind that I found a new energy and inspiration for my blog.

I’m really excited to bring each month a new woman trail blazer in the field of science. And I don’t mean just current women, I started a list that includes even the first recorded physician from the Egyptian period.  There are a lot of amazing women who have struggled and been over looked just for us to get this far and there is still so much to be done. I’m always looking for someone to highlight, so drop me line if you have a suggestion.

There is also a new section for events. I know that most people won’t be in the D.C area, but for those that are it would be great to meet those who are interested in the same things. Also, I’m looking for information on local get togethers with others interested in science fiction and fantasy.  I know about the Washington Science Fiction Association but are there others and where can I find them?

Another new section that I added is a resource section. The hardest thing that I have found about writing about women in science, is finding them. It’s easy to search and come up with lists and lists of men but getting good information on real women in science and women that write science fiction is difficult. There are a lot of conversations on Goodreads that list women writers, but it’s very hard to get a comprehensive list. And while finding a list is important for learning about them, it’s also important to stay abreast of organizations, events, books and articles that highlight the state of women in science and publishing.  So I created a section on my blog just for that.  I don’t have eyes everywhere so if you see an interesting article please pass it along.


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