Walter Mosley – Crosstown to Oblivion Series 2012-13

I’m a huge fan of Walter Mosley as a mystery writer. I’ve read many of the Easy Rowling series. I’ve seen his Science Fiction on the library shelf, but I have yet to read one. Thanks for the review.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Crosstown to Oblivion Series: #2 – Merge and Disciple by Walter Mosley – I picked it up  from the latest Sci-Fi books, at the library.   A beloved writer is a comfort and a new author is an adventure.

This is one busy writer.  He is a well-known writer [seems he writes mysteries] but new to me.  In this instance he has produced two  ‘old school’ Sci-Fi novellas.  He must be steeped in the craft.  I enjoyed both stories a great deal.  I would compare it to stories  like Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.  No one in my son’s 20-something  group had any knowledge of that kind of book or even the movie.  I liked the writing style – blunt and creative.  The journey he took me on was satisfying.  The ending on Merge was a bit weaker than Disciple, which was a very surprising  and creative story.


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