Being Moreau-se

I like your approach to the review. Thanks.

The Witches of Iz

A Review of the Island of Dr. Moreau


So a curious incident occurred as I read the Island of Dr. Moreau, by one HG Wells.   Rather, just after finishing the novel.  I set back to some work whose deadline is hurtling at me like one of Moreau’s creations, only to divert myself on the brief distraction of reading Tom Siddell’s ‘Gunnerkrigg Court,’ during which, currently, a student is giving a small boon to each of the denizens of a forest.  As he helps one creature, more and more creatures come to this boy for help.  Today’s splash panel gave a certain conclusiveness to the current arc which strangely mirrors the morals of Dr. Moreau


So Moreau is an island tale, not a little reminiscent to me of Lord of the Flies.  Wells finds a way to take the art of vivisection (plastic surgery) and call…

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