Musing on Where would I go with the Doctor.

Of all the places the Doctor has gone which would you want to go to?

This week I learned when the new season for Doctor Who would premiere. For those who dont know it is next week, Saturday March 30th to be exact. If I were to say I’m excited I’d be lieing. My love for the Doctor knows no bounds.

But it got me thinking about all the past seasons of Doctor Who, all 30 of them. So I started to think about all the episodes and adventures. This season the Doctor gets a new companion, Clara. I’m looking forward to Clara I think she’ll be a lovely addition to the companion roster. So I started to think, if it were me and I had all the same knowledge where would I ask him to take me?

I’m a nerd. I love books. I love the look of them. I love the feel of them. Can you guess where I want to go? Now, this doesnt count as my favorite episode from that season, thats different maybe. But this is without a doubt the one place I would want to be. Think about it every library from every time period in one place! Then consider every library from every planet. Im getting excited just thinking about all the books, so many books. And because its a library you don’t have to worry about having enough money to read all the books you want.

The place I would ask the Doctor to take me to is “The”, of course, this would have to be after the Vashta Nerada have been removed because this girl doesn’t do being chased by shadows.
While I love the aliens of Doctor Who in this situation I’m more than happy to forgo cool aliens for a planet full of books.


For a episode recap visit:


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