Musing on Iced and writing

The idea for today’s post had been to write about the publishing industry: what’s going, what books are coming out, or just anything I found interesting. Well funny thing happened on the way to the keyboard – Iced. I mentioned Iced in some previous posts, so I won’t repeat. I’m hooked and not in the good way. I’m hooked in the, I have things to do but can’t put this book down kind of way. It’s the five minutes more which turns into 15 minutes more, which then ends up actually being 30 minutes at which point you throw in the towel and aim for an hour. I wake up early when I’m really pumped about a book and I can’t sleep at night I’m so energized to get back in the thick of things. That is when a 500 page book sounds like a great idea and only when.  It’s the best feeling in the world words, rhythms, imagery, and plot collide and explode into to beauty, horror, suspense, or real life. If you’ve never had the feeling, you’re reading the wrong books.  I just started the second part of the book and I already want to read the next book, but I know I have to wait.


The story got me thinking Dani does a lot of things you don’t expect her to or not the things you want her to. I understand that for an Author this creates excitement and red-herrings for the readers, but what if a character did exactly what the story led them to do? What if it felt more like real life, no miraculous intervention at the last moment? I can see ways for that to make for interesting reading too. Because then the surprise would be in the follow through. Isn’t that the most shocking part of life the what happens after the normal or expected?

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