Musing on Jamiee Fox and Kindred

I learned today from a friend that Jamie Foxx owns the options for Kindred; to say I was shocked would be accurate. I had imagined this to be a Harpo movie, but hey I was wrong.  So, then I began to wonder what would Kindred (the movie) be like under Foxx production?

If you’re familiar with pop-culture then you are familiar with Jamie Foxx. He’s a talented musician, actor and comedian with awards to prove it.  But while he’s a talented actor, does that make him qualified to produce Kindred.  I went to his IMDB page to review his career.  I started with the movies and television programs that he has done. The most likely I can find to make a comparison with would be “Ray”, “The Soloist”, and “Any Given Sunday”. Of the three Directors (Oliver Stone, Taylor Hackford, and Joe Wright), I could imagine Joe Wright as the most likely Director. He directed   “Atonement” in 2007, “Pride and Prejudice” in 2005, and “Anna Karenina” in 2012.  In regards to taking larger than life literary novels and translating them into blockbuster movies this is a craft that Wright seems at home with.

Mr. Foxx has become a power house in Hollywood able to connect with the best and to find the newest talent. Then again maybe he’ll decide to do something different, after all when great minds collide anything is possible.  I believe (hope) that when the time is right Mr. Foxx will give Kindred his best.


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