Musing on art history and science fiction


I’ve been trying to figure out when I started to love science fiction and honestly I don’t know. But as I’ve grown older and more aware of the metaphor and allegories’ I’ve fallen more in love with it.

I studied art history in college. The study of art history is about the theories, politics, culture, personalities and science behind the art work. It’s a field of study that requires you to consider several different factors to understand the meaning. When I studied art history, I was fascinated to learn the number of art movements that were inspired by scientific theories
Pointillism which gave us Bathers by Seurat, and Surrealism, which gave us The Persistence of Memory by Dali. Combine scientific theory with subject matter that represents the political, cultural, and personal feelings of an artist and his period one single painting is literally worth a thousand words.y, such a

bathers seurat


I feel that science fiction novels have this same complex nature. Authors are exploring new scientific theories while contemplating social, political and personal view points – and they do use thousands of words to paint a picture. Mary Shelly’s must have been inspired by Humphry Davy’s Elements of Chemical Philosophy when she wrote Frankenstein, which was published in 1812 six years before Davy’s book. In “Inspired by Science Fiction” by Gary Westfahl, he asserts that stories, articles, and the real exploration of space inspired authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein in some of their most popular work.

When I started studying art history I had no idea the profound affect it would have on me in my ability to see the layers in things and my ideas for writing. Yeah art history!


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